Become the next Michael van Gerwen in no time!

Play your game of choice.

Play 301, 501, 701 or x01 with 2 or 3 players.
Select the desired number of legs & sets.

Fill in your score, press the <Enter> key and let the scoreboard do the work for you!

Like the sound of a master caller?
Turn his voice on or off with a single mouse-click.

You want to be a master call yourself? Simply replace the .WAV files in the subfolder  '\Sounds' with your own!

Made a mistake? Don't panic, all scores within the current leg can be undone with a single mouse-click on the 'undo' panel.

Struggling with the math? Use the built-in score calculator! (or use the '+' key while entering your score)

Need advise on how to finish. Press '-' to open the preliminary score advisor.

The software automatically selects the correct start player at the start of a leg & set! This is indicated by the 'star' icon next to the leg & set dots.

Out of time? No problem! Save your game to resume it later or to review your previous game statistics. 

View your game or career statistics.

Get your statistics at any time during a game.

What's my average score? What's my favourite score? What's my highest finish? What's my best (or worst) leg?
And many, many more!

Use the replay option to see how your statistics developed during the game!

Please note that the main game screen also allows you to view your basic statistics in a real-time graph!

Play a game of Tactics.

Who is first to complete all (enabled) scores? 

Play this fun alternative game to improve your precision!

Double-click the score panel to disable or enable a specific value.

Play a game of Snooker Darts

Full Screen Charts

Zoom in on your graphs via the full-screen option. 


Choose your preferences in the settings screen.

Settings are directly applied & automatically saved.

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